Personal exhibition of Alberto Beneventi in Frankfurt at  “Art Virus” Gallery

Was held in Frankfurt at the Gallery “Art Virus”, in Bergesgrundweg 3 road, a solo exhibition of Alberto Beneventi.
The exhibition, which was inaugurated on November 6, 2014, finished on 19 December and has enjoyed considerable success with critics and audiences.
The artist’s work was presented by Nicole Thamm and Michele Sciurba.
The exhibition, including twenty-seven works, several of which are large,has been companied by a rich catalog containing, with other things, a text of Cristina Muccioli, art critic and professor at the Brera Academy.

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 “On the walls of the abandoned house”, the video

was presented at “Caffe ‘Concerto” in Modena, in Frankfurt and in several other locations the video “On the walls of the abandoned house” with works by Alberto Beneventi, text by Paolo Donini, original music by Gerardo Felisatti (performed by the same Felisatti, piano, and by Louis Puxeddu, cello), voice by Lucia Lo Russo, photography and directed by Leo Lo Russo.

To watch the video click herehttp://youtu.be/CrSiAXP9tMk

the meeting in Modena at "Caffè Concerto" with Cristina Muccioli




Great success in Milan for the exhibition at Studio Bolzani gallery

It has been a great success for critics and public the exhibition of Alberto Beneventi at Studio Bolzani at Strasburgo Gallery in Milan, closed to Milan Cathedral. The exhibition was curated by Cristina Muccioli, a professor at the Academy of Brera, the author of a text really valuable in the catalog titled “Le mur, l’amour”. At the exhibition there were several works many of which are very recent and never exposed.

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catalog bolzani



 A painting by Alberto Beneventi in the catalog of the Venice Biennale

A paint by Alberto Beneventi, a wall of 100 cm x 120 cm, has been shown by the Gallery Jean Blanchaert in Milan at the Biennale of Tourin enjoying great success with audiences and critics. The work has been subsequently published in the catalog “The State of the Art” published by the Ministry of Education and the National Institute of Culture dedicated to the Italian Pavilion of the latest edition of the Venice Biennale. The catalog is signed by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.





The exhibition in Paris at the large exhibition center Mobalpa.

In the photos below two images about the opening of the exhibition by Alberto Beneventi held in Paris at the large exhibition center Mobalpa in Rue Diderot, opposite the Gare de Lyon. In the picture below appears Anne Marie Montchamp, Minister of the French Government, presided at the opening. The show has enjoyed considerable success with audiences and critics.


mostra parigi